Are you ready for your Renaissance?   I offer the following services to help you get there.

  • 60-minute individual coaching sessions: My individual coaching sessions, based on my training in presence-based coaching, are client-centered developmental conversations designed to meet the needs of each individual.  I work with clients every other week, either virtual or in-person.  Clients can also benefit from off-week, less formal, “walk and talks” conducted for 20-30 minutes in-person or over the phone.
  • 60-90-minute coaching hikes: If you are located in the D.C. metro area, I offer the option to do longer coaching hikes.  Getting outdoors has proven health benefits, and clients often find that they are able to shift perspectives and access their creative side more readily in this environment.  These are still rooted in presence-based coaching and tailored to meet the needs of the client – just with a view of the trees.
  • Half- and full-day team development retreats: Offered exclusively for people in the D.C. metro area – or teams traveling to the D.C. metro area – I work with groups in outdoor environments to encourage open reflection and stimulate new ideas.  As a D.C. resident, I am able to ensure that these retreats offer the best of the city’s natural wonders while being both approachable and inclusive.

Does one of these options sound right to you? Contact me to find out more.