Why RenaissanceLista?

I get a lot of questions about the name.  What does RenaissanceLista™ mean?  Here’s where I break it down.


  1. Since I could remember, I’ve had a fond appreciation for the story of the Renaissance.  It’s a story of creation and joy.  And like many of my clients, all of humanity was going through a time of transition. Years of suffering through disease and famine were ending. Art and science were flourishing. And the image of the Renaissance human appealed to me: someone who thrives on doing a little bit of everything.  As a young adult, that seemed like the life for me.
  2. Then I started working.  It wasn’t long before I realized that the majority of people view a Renaissance life as unachievable, particularly in the professional world.  Many leaders reinforce the idea that in order to succeed, we need laser (read “machine-like”) focus.  While I agree that mindful focus is essential to fulfillment, what people often mean when they tell someone else to focus is actually, “Look, I get it that you have a lot of interests, but that just isn’t realistic.  Everybody has to settle at some point.  Pick what you want to do and join the 9-5 [or 7-10] slog with the rest of us.”  The end result is a workforce that is harried, drained, and wishing they could be anywhere but at their desk.  I believe that we can do better –  I believe it’s possible to live a Renaissance life.   When people have a personal and professional Renaissance, they contribute to their job, their family, and their society in a more meaningful and impactful way than when they force themselves to settle into more constricted roles.  The leaders who have the biggest impact are the ones who open themselves up to living a Renaissance life – and I believe that more people can contribute in this meaningful and impactful way. 

  3. However, for my clients who are particularly concrete, or dubious, or both – I also believe in lists.  I believe in process.  Learning is a process.  Living is a process.  At least since my World History teacher taught me how to take notes in outline form, I have believed in the power of lists to help us process.  Are you facing a big decision?  Pros and cons – make a list.  Do you have a huge party you’re planning?  You’d better figure out what you need – make a list.  Preparing for the holidays?  Naughty and nice – make a list. Mindfully listing each step helps us build bridges to our imagined future.
  4. There’s more about Lista.  Aligning with my true RenaissanceLista persona, in college I double majored in music education and Spanish.  While studying Spanish, I learned that the word lista – pronounced lee-stah – means ready.  It also means clever or smart.  And of course, it means list.  A word that means clever, smart, and list, all in one?  That’s a Renaissance all its own.

In summary, RenaissanceLista™ exists because:

  1. Humans benefit from creation and joy
  2. Everyone deserves a Renaissance life
  3. We align with our Renaissance lives through intentional process
  4. Living a Renaissance life reflects our clever/smart choices

Are *you* ready for your Renaissance? Contact me to get started.