Why coaching?

My clients come to me with a variety of questions. Some of the most common ones are:

  • I’m ready for something new. How can I transition to the next step in my personal or professional journey?
  • I’m stuck. How do I get what I want out of work or life?
  • I just got a new job! How do I navigate a new environment?
  • I’m in a dynamic, complicated workplace situation. How can I best prepare for the challenging conversations I need to have?
  • I’m managing a cross-functional team. How can I motivate each person?
  • I’m all Zoomed out. How do I form meaningful relationships in a virtual world?
  • Help! How can I be more organized / engaged / fulfilled?

The crazy thing about coaching is that the answers to these questions already lie within my clients or within the rich resources that have supported them on their journeys thus far. Coaching isn’t about telling others what to do. Rather, coaching is a shared journey where the coach and the client learn and co-create together. As a coach, I serve as your partner and guide, asking questions, finding the signal in the noise, and helping you make meaning of life’s lessons. In other words, I help ensure that your knowledge, intuition, and curiosity design the many possibilities that lie ahead of you. In this way, my clients are truly the creators of their own personal Renaissance.

As a coach, I serve as your partner and guide, and your knowledge, intuition, and curiosity design the many possibilities that lie ahead of you.

My Coaching Approach

Though I tailor my approach to the needs of each individual, there are a few things to know about how I work with clients.

  1. Modeling and encouraging curiosity.  A naturally curious leader, I seek to understand my clients’ experience, goals, and opportunities. As my clients share, I encourage them to become more curious about themselves, their motivations, and the values that guide their actions.
  2. Co-developing a declared future.  I work with my clients to build a vision for a declared future, and then helps them generate goals to get to that future.  Influenced by my expertise in project, program, and portfolio management, I check in to see how the client is progressing, and helps the client reflect on any unexpected outcomes.
  3. Practicing mindfulness and presence. An avid meditator who is trained in presence-based coaching, I have first-hand experience in the benefits of mindfulness both for myself and my clients. When clients are comfortable, I guide them through exercises to help them become more present with their thoughts, which helps prepare them for each session.
  4. Tapping into inner wisdom.  I help clients unlock their inner wisdom by asking thought-provoking questions, offering a different perspective based on my own observations and lived experiences, and on occasion, sharing best-in-class resources.
  5. Incorporating well-being into sessions. In addition to my ICF coaching certification, I have a mindful outdoor guide certification from the Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership.  My training has allowed me to integrate mindful outdoor experiences, which have proven physical and mental health benefits, into my coaching practice. 

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