Thinking about partnering with Megan? Here’s what clients have to say.

I highly recommend Megan as a coach. With her kind attention and gentle questions, Megan creates a space that allows me to tap into my own wisdom. I leave each session feeling more prepared to overcome life’s challenges. I worked with Megan through a period of career transition and job search and into an exciting new position, and throughout the process she has helped me stay focused on what is most important to me. 

Megan has a gift for helping reveal blind spots and uncover solutions without judgment. She makes things that were overwhelming seem doable. It’s almost like magic – I feel like I’m improving my life just by talking to her!

Katherine C., nonprofit professional

Megan has helped me to find stability in the midst of a tumultuous period in my career (3 companies in 6 months!). She draws on multiple techniques and frameworks to tease out my underlying concerns/issues and to help me to set concrete goals. She takes meticulous notes during each session, which have been invaluable when referring to past discussions and maintaining the momentum of our coaching relationship. She regularly checks in and follows up on our previous conversations, making me feel supported between each session. It has been a pleasure to work with Megan!

Kate M., Principal, Software Development Company

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