I created RenaissanceListaâ„¢ because I believe that people thrive when they intentionally focus on continuous learning and growth, seeking and creating opportunities to nurture their dreams while pursuing a balanced, healthy and happy life.


The mission of RenaissanceListaâ„¢ is to guide people to continually renew their understanding of their own potential, revitalize their approach to understanding and addressing complex life problems, and reconnect with their well-being so they can continue to impact their world.


RenaissanceListaâ„¢ envisions a complete revolution in how we show up in our daily work.

Authentic development means a future where organizations make time and space for reflection and restoration, allowing employees to make change in their lives that allows them to align with their personal values and provide for their well-being.

Inclusive strategy involves thoughtful action that is informed by the strengths, insights, and desires of all people. Organizations make the time for genuine connection as employees co-design their future, balancing efficiencies and openness, planning and responsiveness, research and intuition.

Wellness as a priority for all means that employees come to work with the energy to contribute and return from work knowing that they have the tools to renew that energy. Wellness for all means supportive communities across race, class, gender identity, and abilities, with individuals volunteering to work together in a variety of ways regardless of rank or power.

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