Our values inspire us; they are what motivate us, help us pause to reflect, and give us the opportunity to celebrate.  They are the roots that support us as we grow in the world.  A leader’s values embody the essence of who they are – how they show up when they are their most authentic self.  Having a reflective practice that focuses on individual values is essential to true leadership.

Connection: Human connection is the cornerstone of my practice. By asking questions like, “How do I approach colleagues, situations, and loved ones with authenticity and vulnerability? What practices and tools can we use to navigate organizational structures and change together?” I helps clients create and maintain the human connection needed for a fulfilling professional journey.

Continuous Learning: Curiosity opens us up to new perspectives and possibilities.  As an avid and lifelong learner, I like to encourage my clients to seek to understand, “Why?”  Why do we make the choices we do?  What assumptions are we making, and what impact does that have on our ability to lead and grow?  What can we learn about ourselves and the world around us that helps us align with our purpose?

Balance: We can be both a recognized expert and always learning.  We can be both content and ready for our next adventure.  Sitting with seemingly incongruent realities is at the heart of strong leadership.  I help my clients to explore their personal paradoxes and find truth and balance for themselves.

Inclusion:  The author Austin Kleon said, “You are, in fact, a mashup of what you choose to let into your life.”  Inclusive leaders thrive because they welcome a variety of people and perspectives into their lives, which simultaneously brings joy and allows them to make sound decisions.  How are you inviting new people and experiences into your life?  What actions – or inactions – are preventing you from creating a climate of inclusivity in your home, your team, and your workplace?  I encourage leaders to think critically about what a more equitable environment would look like for them – and what changes they can make to contribute to a more just society.

Creativity: Creativity unlocks solutions to longstanding problems, gives individuals a sense of pride in their work, and connects us with humanity and a deeper sense of self.  When we take ourselves outside of our day-to-day work – when we connect with our creative selves – we are able to see things in new ways and make connections between ideas that seem disparate.  I value the perspective that flower arranging, writing, music, and photography brings to my leadership practice, and encourage my clients to say, “What can creativity – the process of creation – bring to my leadership journey?  How can participating in the act of creation help me bring renewed energy to my work?”

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